Streaming Recommendation: Midsomer Murders

By: Jeanne Edson

Ahhh, the holiday season. Filled with cheer, sweet treats, warm sweaters, lively holiday shopping, and sickness. The time between the months of December and January are like kryptonite to my body, slowly shutting down my immune system. And the week before or during Christmas always seems to be a favorite. So as I lay writing from my sickbed, I thought I would provide a steaming recommendation to all my other sickos out there (blessed be Emergen-C… If it already isn’t too late for that).

My go-to show is a little British crime drama (in the most PG of forms) called “Midsomer Murders.” It’s delightfully droll and you can thankfully watch its 122 episodes (it started airing in 1997) on Netflix. Steely-blue eyed detective Tom Barnaby (John Nettle) is the likable everyman who, despite the horrendous wave of gristly and inventive murders that happen across the country, is able to solve the crime in just an hour and 30 minutes. As the series progresses, we’re introduced to new characters and eventually a new chief inspector (Neil Dudgeon), who brings in a new family to enjoy and more spine-tingling murders.

Why is this who-done-it series such a pleaser? I think it’s due to the calming country-side, light music that floats under every scene and the reassurance that you can fall asleep and still wake up in time to catch the criminal.

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