3 Sci-Fi Anime to Binge on a Snowy Saturday

Curl up with a hot chocolate, sweats, and some end-of-the-world themed shows.


  1. Attack on Titan (2013)

From episode one, I was hooked on this fictional world that’s teetering at the brink of destruction. All that’s left of humanity is shut away behind a series of three towering walls — the only true protection against the flesh-eating giants that lurk outside. But the walls can only hold for so long. When the outermost wall is breached, countless lives are lost including the mother of Eren Yeager. This harrowing life event pushes the young man into joining an elite force of fighters who attempt to protect their city against an insurmountable evil — one that’s possibly snuck past all their barriers and is already inside.

Prepare yourself for non-stop action only driven forward more by the haunting operatic rock score. I gripped my blanket in suspense during each episode and tore through season one (25 episodes)  on Netflix. Filled with action, suspense, and mystery, Attack on Titan is just a darn good watch.


  1. Kill La Kill (2013)

A bizarre mix of drama, comedy, action and flashy outfit changes, Kill La Kill is unlike any show you’ve watched. At some points, you may not know what you’re watching. But you’re okay with it in the end. The 25 episode series hurls along at a breakneck pace, chasing after the heroine, Ryuko Matoi and her quest to find out who killed her father with an odd scissor blade. Using her transformative school uniform (oddly reminding me of Power Rangers), Ryuko takes on a series of high school challengers in attempted to find answers about her father’s murder from those at the top of the school’s hierarchy. But it goes much further than just the class president — leaving the fate of humanity up to a young teen who’s temper puts her at a disadvantage.

I spent half of the time while I was watching this wondering why I watching and feeling fairly cringy and the other half glued to the TV in appreciation of the action sequences, plot twists, and musical score.


  1. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2016)

Not everything is doom and gloom — unless you’re Kusuo Saiki, a high school boy with incredible psychic abilities ( mind control, teleportation, talking to animals, time travel, you name it, Kusuo can do it). Despite his mind-bending abilities, Kusuo just strives to live a normal life, making special efforts to be the most literal average person. Predictably, the universe takes note of this and inserts an array of odd characters into his life, creating situations that general call for some psychic power. Kusuo’s uninterested nature plays well off of the other characters around him, recognizing their ridiculous antics and resenting them… but still going along with it all. The episodes are short, fun and the perfect thing to either watch during a wind-down before bed or just to chill.

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