Anthem VIP Demo

Bioware struggled through a rough first day for its VIP Demo this weekend. There were server issues and loading bugs galore, but now that things have started to settle down and people are actually able to play it, we’re finding out just how fun the game actually is.

There are elements of a lot of games in the DNA of Anthem, but only time will tell how successful Bioware was at adapting the looter-shooter genre to a game with their trademark storytelling abilities.

We’ll be doing an impressions video soon, but until then here’s game play of the Storm and Ranger Javelins!

Storm Gameplay:


Ranger Gameplay:


Colossus Gameplay:


Interceptor Gameplay:

If you’ve been having issues getting into the Demo, there is another Demo coming up next weekend and it’ll be free.

Let us know what you thought of the game! Were you able to get in or are you still suffering through server issues?

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