Streaming Recommendation: Schitt’s Creek


Why? Why on God’s green Earth did I wait so long to watch Schitt’s Creek? I heard the recommendations, seen the positive reviews, and yet. Now I’m making up for lost time, soaking up episodes for the past two weeks. Not having entirely finished the series (blame the few days of pleasant weather central Iowa has experienced), I can’t give a full review. But don’t be like me. Take heed of this notice and start watching stat.

The delightful oddities of this comedy are many. While the exact plotline of the show may not be groundbreaking (the rich Rose family falls from grace and is forced to move to the titular town, Schitt’s Creek), the characters bring such a presence to their roles, you can’t help but fall in love with all of their antics. Catherine O’Hara brings a powerful comedic prosses to her scheming and self-absorbed matriarch, Moira. I could listen to her lilting Transatlantic accent at half speed for hours. Daughter Alexis, a boho queen played by Annie Murphy, captures the essence of a rich, white girl so well, you wonder if she wandered off the set of The Hills. “Ew, Day-vid!” Alexis cries out with a level of vocal fry that would make the Kardashians jealous.  A true father-son team round out the Rose family. Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) and David Rose (Dan Levy) fill their roles, both as actors and co-creators, spectacularly. Silly but not stupid, the family bumbles about more than the townsfolk they sometimes grudgingly interact with. The general uppitness gives way to love as the family adapts to new roles in the town, promising many laughs along the way. Not many shows can eek a giggle out of me, but Schitt’s Creek had me guffawing until I cried. Please check back in for a more solid review once I finish upcoming seasons.

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