3 Can’t-Miss Korean Romances

We all have our escape shows, the ones that are constantly lingering in our Netflix queue. For some, it’s rewatching The Office for the 73rd time or perhaps another round of The Great British Bakeoff,  or maybe a crime drama that somehow comforts you at the end of a long day. As for me, it is Korean romance dramas (or if I’ve feeling lazy and don’t care to read subtitles, Midsomer Murder, but that’s a separate blog). These shows are the perfect combo of light fluff, a hint of drama, and perfectly polished wardrobes. Seriously, it’s like Gossip Girl, but with updated accessories. During my many binge sessions, I’ve found three Netflix-ready shows that are a perfect starting point for any viewer. Let me know in the comments if you have a personal favorite or if you’ve binged any of the ones on this list!

  1. Strong Girl Do Bong-Soon


A watch-ready combination of action, comedy, and a central female lead who can kick everyone’s butt  (literally)! The women of Do Bong Soon’s family are gifted with super strength and Bong Soon is determined to use her power for the greater good, but gets the unwanted attention of a gang and into a messy love triangle.

2. Romance is a Bonus Book


This Netflix original really holds up — meaning I cried during the first episode and feelings haven’t stopped since. Follow the divorced, impoverished, but determined Kang Dan-i as she tries to reenter the workplace following years of being a stay-at-home mother. Her childhood friend has always supported her in the past… can he help her broken heart now?

3. Let’s Eat! 


This multi-season drama-comedy is absolutely mouthwatering. It pairs delicious foods, charming characters, and just enough drama to spice things up. Each season welcomes a new collection of characters, so the plot never gets stale. Video is extended trailer for season 1 and despite what it says – you don’t have to be lonely to watch the show. Just hungry. 

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