Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Announcement Discussion

Bungie has officially announced their fall expansion, and their plans for the future, for Destiny 2. The future of Destiny was one of the things we were anticipating most for E3 2019, and Bungie didn’t disappoint.

The new expansion, called Shadowkeep, will bring back the moon, for the first time since Destiny 1, as an explorable destination. Bungie also outlined their desire to bring stats and customization to the game, and to finally embrace Destiny as an action-MMORPG – terminology they had previously shied away from.

All of Destiny 2’s year one content is going free to play on console and PC, with the PC version migrating from Blizzard’s BattleNet to Steam. Bungie also announced that cross-save is coming to the game so you can port your character and everything you’ve earned from one platform to another (finally!!!).

We went over all the main points and gave our thoughts on them in a video on our YouTube channel (you can watch it above). Let us know what you thought of the announcement in the comments!

Happy E3 2019!

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