3 Mouthwatering Foodie Shows

Hungry? Yeah, me too. Whether it was watching Julia’s Italy on PBS as a kid or Chef’s Table in my early twenties, I’ve long been obsessed with watching and learning how people gather, make, and plate edible works of art. The joy of creating a delicious morsel that encapsulates a memory or a vision is so palatable! And I marvel and the chefs’ creativity when crafting a dish, taking in what food is readily available, transforming the vehicle in which flavors are delivered, and giving ignored ingredients a much-needed makeover. Savoring that inspiration, here are three must-see food-related shows you can stream immediately on Netflix (I recommend eating beforehand because nothing with taste as good after).

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Winner of multiple awards including a Peabody and several primetime Emmys, Anthony Bourdain made incredible strides in showing viewers slices of the world and how people can always come together around the one thing that sustains us all: food. It’s a privilege to view his work and experience the world through his eyes and esteemed taste.

Cooked (2016)

If you want to learn the why and how that makes your meal taste so good, Cooked is where it’s at. The science behind how food and taste have evolved is fascinating and I can promise you’ll never look at a loaf of bread (or a wheel of cheese) the same way.

Chef & My Fridge (Please Take Care of My Refridgerator)  (2014)

Korean celebrities and stars turn their fridges over to a series of professional chefs in a contest to see who can create the most delectable dish from a series of leftovers. Hilarity and some serious leftover transformations ensue.

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