Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


There hasn’t been much time in the past few weeks where I’ve taken a break from watching: 1) the new season of Stranger Things (duh) 2) the newly added episodes of Veronica Mars on Hulu 3) reruns of Chef & My Fridge (it’s my go-to reality cooking show). However, my Netflix queue knows me better than I know myself some days and recommended Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as a recently added option. Sunday evening movie night locked and loaded!

Miles Morales, a teen from Brooklyn, suddenly finds himself dealing with more than piles of homework or the pressure to tell his father about his artistic dreams. A late night graffiti session writes Miles into the plotline we all know: first comes a spider bite, then crazy cool power, followed by the untimely and painful death of a loved one, and lastly great power equals great responsibility. But why dwell on the past, when there’s a whole multi-verse to save. Miles quickly learns Peter Parker isn’t the only one who has worn the Spiderman mask… and won’t be the last. Together with a whole team of Spider people (which includes voice acting by the beloved Nicholas Cage and hilarious Jake Johnson), Miles tries to get everyone back to their proper universes, while trying to figure out the new role he has in his own.

In short, there has not been a movie I have so genuinely enjoyed in a long time. From the dynamic, popping animation style (packed with plenty of comic book “ZING” and “WHAM” graphics) to the broad array of hilarious new characters, Into the Spider-Verse is what I wish more superhero films could be. Directors Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman crafted a film that is wonderfully original and elevates the superhero plotline to a new plane that I hope audiences will get to explore further.


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