Call of Duty Modern Warfare Open Beta Impressions

I played the “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” Open Beta last weekend. More interestingly, it was a cross-platform beta.

While I have been initially hesitant about competitive player-vs-player games having cross-platform play due to potential advantages of PC gaming vs console gaming, other cross-platform games (like “Fortnite”) have shown that it can work.

The interesting thing about “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” is the new engine. The game looks and sounds substantially better than previous entries without losing the core feel of the “Call of Duty” experience. It’s hard to imagine this game not being a success. It looks great, it plays great and there’s a huge fan base for these games. It’s longer term success will be determined by how deep the progression and unlock system is. To really get a sense of all of that, we’ll have to wait for the full release.

“Call of Duty Modern Warfare” releases on October 25, 2019.

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