Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Coming Soon?


Ok, I’m a bit late on this, but I’m still excited enough to give it a mention.

The best gaming news recently didn’t involve Microsoft’s Inside Xbox live stream at all.

Though maybe “news” is too strong a word. It was really just rumor, but that was enough to get people talking.

A recent EA earnings call referenced an unannounced “EA HD title” to be released in fiscal year 2021. EA HD titles apparently usually refer to remakes or remasters. So now speculation about a Mass Effect trilogy remaster has begun again!

Speculation about a remastered trilogy first surfaced back in January.

VentureBeat’s article about the EA earnings call went so far as to confirm that it was real.

“Oh, and that HD remaster of an EA game is the Mass Effect Trilogy,” Jeff Grub, writing for VentureBeat, said. “Just don’t expect that to also launch on Switch — at least not at first.”

A Mass Effect trilogy remaster would make a lot of sense, because people want it, and Bioware is in need of a win. Both the franchise and the developer have had a rough time of late. 

Releasing a remaster on current gen consoles and future proofing the series for next gen would not only remind fans of better times, but give Bioware the support they need while continuing to work on the next Dragon Age and the future of the Mass Effect franchise.

I’ve been in the mood for another play through of the series lately, even before this latest round of speculation. But I can’t wait for the chance to revisit the series, but with upgraded visuals and running on more modern hardware.

I just hope that it does launch on Switch, and that it isn’t delayed (but it probably will be).

It’s worth noting that this is far from confirmation that the a remaster is truly in the works. This rumor made the rounds in some of the smaller gaming blogs, but didn’t get picked up by any of the bigger gaming outlets. Which could either mean, they didn’t find it credible enough to report on, or they have insider knowledge and they’re not allowed to talk about it yet.

We’ll find out for sure soon enough. EA announced EA Play 2020 is going to happen digitally on June 11.

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